Asal & Marc

Honeymoon session by the sea in Positano

Asal and Marc are from my hometown of Ottawa, and just happened to be having their honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast while I too would be there, and they contacted me to have some photographs taken to remember their honeymoon.  Weddings are such a special and emotional experience, but I think it is also an important thing to preserve also those quiet little moments, when all the wedding craziness is over and it is just the two of you, alone on your honeymoon by the sea.  

Photographing this session at sunrise only added to the intimate mood of it all.  Positano can be crowded, that little town sometimes has more people than it can hold.  At sunrise however it seemed the two of them had Positano all to themselves, and watching the sun come up and the the little town start to come to life made the experience all the more special... 

Photographer: Lace and Luce, Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer