Positano Seaside Elopement


Sweetest Italian Elopement on the Sea...

This celebration was everything an elopement should be. Exciting, emotional and above all else fun.  These two laughed together and enjoyed every single moment of the day with each other.  When we sat down for a little post ceremony prosecco, Danna told me that in every great relationship there is one person who is the kite, and the other who is the anchor.  The kite is a little crazier & likes to be out there "flying" and needs to be grounded by the anchor.  The anchor person on the other hand, is more stable and needs the "kite" to let loose and fly.  Kite and anchor or not I don't think I have ever met two people who balance and complement each other as perfectly as the two of you.

Danna & Michael it was an absolute dream getting to meet you both here on the Amalfi Coast, and to be part of your amazing elopement not only as your photographer but also to celebrate your love together with you as new friends.  Salvatore and I are just so happy for you, and we know that we will be seeing you sometime soon (Vancouver!)

All our love,


Photographer: Lace & Luce, Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

Florals: Rosalinda Flowers Wedding Lab

Officiant: Rosa Pauli, Amalfi Coast Celebrant 

Dress: Aidan Mattox 

Suit: Nordstrom